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YPO/WPO GLC 2015 // Spotlight Session Presentation


​      Ryan was invited to speak in a spotlight session at the 2015 YPO-WPO GLC in Melbourne, Australia.  He loved speaking to multiple chapter Education Chairs at the same time.  It was an awesome and unique opportunity for him to not only speak, but as well to carry the members through multiple physical energizers throughout the day.


      We have put together a video with some glimpses of his spotlight session at the 2015 GLC, below.




March 2015

WORLD RECORD //  Standing Box Jump World Record

Ryan breaks another World Record.  This time it's at Wasatch CrossFit in Layton, Utah.  Ryan breaks the standing box jump WR, in two attempts.



​March, 2012

WODTALK Magazine //  Leap & Bound Your Way To New PR's

Ryan share's THEXWOD methodology with the masses in this nationally published magazine.  He shares some of the many tips and programming surrounding improving overall performance in sport/fitness/life.


Learn about how the hips are the powerhouse of the body, and how to unlock your true explosive power by tapping into them only a couple times a week.

​July, 2012

World Record Attempt // SICEST SW EVENT - 4K People


Ryan participated as an individual for the Sicest of the South West Functional Fitness competition, and also took on the role of the intermission entertainment. He came incredibly close to breaking a World Record in front of 4K attendees, and all while very ill.


He was only a couple days into a untimely upper respiratory infection. The infection plagued him during the competition and while performing jumps for the intermission entertainment.  The thought of a possible NEW World Record was the last thing on Ryan's mind.  In true "Strength Through Adversity" nature, Ryan was able clear his mind and give the competition and the jumps his best.  This mindset change allowed him to perform well in the individual portion of the competition as well as nearly smash the running box jump world record by 4 inches, at a height of 72 total inches!

​Sept, 2012

RX Magazine // Explosive Interview ​with Ryan Moody 

An intimate interview that focuses on everything from Ryan's past in sport and fitness, as well as his accomplishments with World Records and the popularity of his Explosive Training Seminars.


RX Magazine caters to all of Latin America, and is the premiere Latin American Functional Fitness magazine.

​May, 2013

ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL //Multiple World Records


Ryan traveled up to Columbus, Ohio to attempt 4 World Records in one setting, at the Arnold Sports Festival.  This is the MECCA of fitness and sports competition, overseen by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself!  Ryan took on 4 record attempts in one hour.  He was successful in breaking 3 of the 4 records.  He broke the highest single leg box jump by 5" on both his right and left legs (separate records) at a height of 50.5".  He also broke the record for most 50" Box Jumps in 1 Minute at 18 repetitions (breaking old record by 1 repetition). Ryan barely missed breaking the standing box jump WR at 65". On his 3rd attempt, his right foot got on top of the platform, but his left foot caught the edge about 1/4" early, causing him to miss landing the jump.


Rest assured, Ryan hasn't given up on the standing jump and hopes to break it in the near future!





​Feb, 2014

​Mar, 2014

POWERCAST //Mark "Smelly" Bell & Crew - "Might As Well Jump"


Box jump champ and explosive movement coach Ryan Moody joins us to talk about how training for explosiveness can help any athlete improve performance and mental preparedness regardless of their sport. He also discusses how conjugate style training has improved his jumps. This lanky white dude has some serious hops...and a 655 lb. raw sumo deadlift!  Mark Bell hosts with Silent Mike and Jim McD.  


Listen HERE


[WARNING - Explicit Language]



​Sept, 2014

THE MOVEMENT FIX // Podcast with Ryan on Explosive Training


When we think plyometrics, do we only think about box jumps? Ryan Moody thinks about more than just box jumps. There are a ton of ways to do plyometrics both for the upper body and the lower body. Not every plyometric is the same. Best of all, these different types serve different purposes. There are ways to train with this method for the lower body AND upper body. Have you ever considered that?

There is a lot of research and science behind the effect of plyometrics and we haven’t been guided by that. If you do more than say, 20, box jumps in a workout, you are most likely not using it as a plyometric tool, but an endurance tool. There is a big issue with this that we go over in the podcast.

Ryan Moody currently holds 9 world records for various jumping feats. He is an animal. He has been on over 400 airplanes in the last 18 months (crazy!). He travels the world teaching people how to become more explosive, utilize plyometrics effectively, and avoid injury while using plyometric tools.

It is a great pleasure that Ryan Moody and I are both contributing content for the 2014 Lurong Living Paleo challenge, the world’s largest paleo challenge. He will be contributing workout tips and I will be contributing warmup routines to improve performance. 


SWEAT RX Magazine // Explosive Training - The Myths Exposed


In this nationally published article Ryan tackles all the myths and misunderstandings surrounding "explosive training".  He takes on the Top 4 Myths surrounding methodology of training to become more explosive physically in sport/fitness/life.


The Myths: 1. The "Explosive Training Seminar" is only about box jumps.  2. Explosive training is all about strong legs and lots of squatting. 3. Endurance Athletes don't need explosive training. 4. The heavier you are, the less explosive you are.


Grab your copy HERE!



BETTER HUMANOLOGY // Explosive Training with Ryan Moody


  • What explosive training looks like and what it is.

  • What the benefits are to being explosive, and explosive training in general as well as results you can expect.

  • Jumping: Obviously, some jumping ability is genetic but how much can you add to your jumping ability (vertical) through proper training.

  • What results (PRs) Ryan has seen from proper training.

  • The kind of programming Ryan experienced while at Westside Barbell training with Louie Simmons.

  • The best place to start with explosive training:  Drills, mobility, jumping, plyo all of the above, etc.

  • Ryan’s best advice for becoming a better human!




​Jan, 2015

TRIUMPH YOUTH SERVICES // Speaking to Troubled Youth


      Triumph Youth Services is a first class Adolescent Male Residential Treatment Center for troubled teenage boys ages 12-17 and young adult males ages 18-20.

Our Triumph Youth Services mission, “Building individuals of truth, integrity and accountability who inspire faith in a Higher Power and are leaders in a quest for excellence,” empowers us to help troubled teenage boys and their families in making positive, lasting changes that will in turn ensure a successful tomorrow.

Triumph Youth Services was founded in 1998 and began by providing services to adjudicated youth in Utah for the Department of Human Services. We quickly earned the respect of local families, communities and professionals. As Triumph Youth Services reputation has grown, its services have become more sought after, leading to an increased number of programs and services.





Feb 2015

YPO SAN ANTONIO // Chapter Event


​      Ryan was invited to speak in San Antonio, Texas in October.  He was given the opportunity to speak to the San Antonio YPO Chapter as well as the employees of one of the Chapters members companies.  Ryan Spoke to several hundered attendees over 3 days!


      Ryan spoke in 5 separate sessions. Two of which were directed to the Chapter Members and their children.  At the end of the Chapter event Ryan jumped over a 2016 BMW Z4 as the Grand Finale!



October 2015

YPO NAIROBI KENYA // Chapter Event

​      Ryan was invited to speak to the Nairobi, Kenya YPO Chapter in April.  He loved the entire experience.  The theme was Masai Tribe centered, and Ryan even jumped with actual Masai tribesmen.  It was an awesome and unique opportunity for him to not only speak, but as well to experience Kenya and spend time with the members.


      The event was wrapped up with Ryan teaching the members how to jump and having them jump onto box jump set ups. The Masai tribesmen got in on the action as well.  The icing on the cake was when the chapter brought in a BMW SUV and Ryan jumped it!



April 2016


​      Ryan was invited to speak to the Dar Es Saleem, Tanzania YPO Chapter in April.  He loved the entire experience.  We had to fight off some crazy weather conditions, and in the end we still had a great time and Ryan rocked it!

      The event was wrapped up with Ryan teaching the members how to jump and having them jump onto box jump set ups. Ryan then went head to head with the local Masai tribesmen to see who could jump the highest. We won't say who won, but we will say the Masai were very impressed!

April 2016



​      Ryan was invited to be the keynote at an LDS Youth Conference in West Viriginia.  He loves speaking to the youth .  It was an awesome and unique opportunity for him to not only speak, but spend some of the Youth Conference together with the Youth and talk to them in groups and individually about their struggles and their triumphs in life.


     The Youth at this event were incredible, and so full of life! He is grateful that they were so receptive to his message and to hear that so many have taken even more positive steps in their lives since then. 



June 2015


​      Ryan was invited to speak at the YPO/WPO Dallas, Texas EOW Meeting in May.   He loved speaking to multiple chapter Education Chairs at the same time.  It was an awesome and unique opportunity for him to not only speak, but as well to carry the members through multiple physical energizers throughout the day.

On Day 2, Ryan taught the members how to apply his unique "Whiteboard Mindset" technique into their daily routine.  He even had a few members try to do a complex  exercise movement for the first time, and they NAILED IT! The Whiteboard Mindset is pretty amazing when applied!


​      Ryan was invited to speak at the YPO/WPO San Francisco EOW Meeting in May.   He loved speaking to multiple chapter Education Chairs at the same time.  It was an awesome and unique opportunity for him to not only speak, but as well to carry the members through multiple physical energizers throughout the day.

Ryan led multiple energizers throughout the meetings, and spent time with the members concerning their own personal Health and Fitness journies.

May 2015



     Ryan was invited to speak at the YPO/WPO East Central Regional Deep Dive Cruise.   He loved speaking to members from so many chapters, and having the privlage of coaching them through CrossFit workouts each day on the cruise.

     He loved being able to interact with the members the entire week, rather than just for one or two days.  This was an unforgettable event and he is grateful to have been one of the speakers on board!

November 2014



      Ryan was invited on the Girls Gone WOD Podcast recently.  These ladies talk about everything CrossFit, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental fortitude.  In this hour long podcast, Ryan discusses how he found CrossFit, how he got into Box Jumping and breaking records, how he created The XWOD/ The Explosive Seminar, and about the Whiteboard Mindset.

The month of May turned in to the month of MEN on the podcast. We aren’t mad about it and we’re keeping the trend going. This week we interview a guy who puts the most interesting man in the world to shame. Founder of The XWOD program, Ryan has worked with nearly every Crossfitter you can think of and he’s BFFs with Sam Dancer.  Need we say more? Ryan holds multiple world records for jumping and is a world renowned coach. On top of all of his incredible talents, he is just a gosh darn nice guy and we can’t wait to have him back on the show. This episode is an hour packed full of mind-blowing moments, sit down and hang on people! We love ya so much.  LISTEN HERE

May 2016

KU PROJECT // Podcast


Daniel Aipa [Former Head of Strength and Conditioning at University of Redlands] sits down with Ryan Moody, 9-Time World Record Holder and owner of The XWOD.  He shares his story of overcoming a huge injury setback into becoming a multiple World Record Holder, and a world renowned coach who travels around the world coaching athletes and giving seminars on explosiveness and mental focus.

We talk about CrossFit, misinformation in the fitness industry, Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell, becoming explosive, and always striving to push the envelope of your human potential.  LISTEN HERE



ECUADOR SEMINAR // Explosive Training Seminar


      Ryan was invited to teach in Guayquil Ecuador for the 3rd time in a few short years. Kallpa Fitness is one of Ryan's favorite gyms in the WORLD, to train and coach at.

From Ryan: "The community in Ecuador is amazing. They are always so hungry to learn, and so grateful for my time. It really blows my mind to find such desire and humility all in the same place. I love getting invited back to Guayquil time and time again. Though we are thousands of miles away, these people are my people! Can't wait to go back!!"

Oct 2016

BACK TO TEXAS // Moving from Arizona to Texas


      After just over a year and a half stint in the heat of Arizona, Ryan is finally moving back to his home state! He has spent the past 12 years living outside of the great state of Texas and is very excited to be moving back to his roots.

      Ryan initially moved away in 2005 to attend Boise State University, and eventually University of Utah. He has lived in Idaho, Utah, California, Ohio, and Arizona during his 12 years away. He is excited to be back closer to his family so that he can watch his nephew grow up, and be able to participate in more family activities. He plans on setting up shop in Dallas...and as always he has big plans in the pipeline for the foreseeable future!

Mar 2017

LURONG LIVING // Partnering with Whole Food Nutrition


      Ryan has been an athlete for LuRong Living for 6 years. He has been good friends with the owners Adam Greenberg (formerly of the Cubs/Marlins) and Danny Putnam (formerly of the A's) for almost the same amount of time.  Ryan has decided to join forces with LuRong in order to help push nutritional education on whole food consumption and whole food supplementation.

     For years LuRong has been paving the way for education on whole food nutrition, and on the front lines in the battle against chronic illness, injury and disease caused by the foods we eat. They are NOT and MLM. LuRong is a company dedicated to breaking the current mold of "How we are told to eat" for what is "actually whole foods" and "actually impacts our health".  Education is key, especially in a world of misinformation. Thus the partnership was a no brainer for Ryan.

Apr 2017

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA // Speaking to 3,000 Youth​      

      Ryan spoke in West Virginia recently, at the hosting site for the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree.  He was the keynote speaker and not only performed jumps, but also spent time with many of the young men in small groups and one-on-one, discussing the pathways to their goals and dreams.

     Every morning at 6am, Ryan lead a free training session with any of the youth and leaders who wanted to participate.  Though he was fighting a recent injury, as well as dealing with none of his luggage arriving for his entire stay, he was in good spirits and enjoyed all the opportunities to be a positive influence on so many impressionable youth.

Jun 2017